Honda Jazz Safety Features

To ensure the safety of the occupants of the car, Honda cars are built on the ‘Advanced Compatibility Engineering’ (ACE) body. This provides enhanced self-protection and better compatibility in collisions with other different sized vehicles.

G-Force Control Technology (G-CON)

Honda‘s unique G-Force Control Technology (G-CON) controls impact energy in the event of a collision and limits injuries.

ABS with EBD

These systems work to prevent wheel lock in an emergency braking situation or when braking on slippery road surfaces. ABS stabilizes the vehicle while braking so that the driver can better control it and avoid obstacles ahead. EBD distributes the work force among all four wheels based on the load on each wheel.

The Jazz goes through the most stringent tests
at the Honda crash test facility

When it comes to safety of the passengers, we make no compromises. Truly speaking, at Honda, safety is not an option. These safety features are a standard offering across the entire range of Honda in the Indian market.

It is not only the safety of the occupants, but also that of the pedestrians which is of prime concern for us at Honda. The Honda pedestrian-injury reduction body design helps protect pedestrians from injury in the event of a collision.

The Honda Jazz is equipped with the pretensioner seat belt with load limiter.

Driver & Front Passenger SRS Airbags

During a frontal collision, when the sensors detect an impact that exceeds a preset threshold, the airbags are instantly deployed and then gradually deflated to reduce head and chest injuries.