Play with Space

It is extremely spacious and comfortable. Slip in with your head held high and throw your weight around as the sporty cockpit is ergonomically designed to give you optimum usable space. Then there is the intuitively arranged dashboard and the integrated audio with Aux-in & USB for you to enjoy your favourite music while you are on the road.

Music System

Keep your eyes on the road and your hands upon the wheel while you enjoy your favourite music on it's integrated audio system with Aux-in & USB.

Magic Seats

These Magic Seats let you stuff your Jazz with almost anything.

Space & Comfort

The Honda Jazz is full of nifty little compartments and boxes. The front console box has a separate pocket. There’s a box under the rear seat. Cup holders even at door pockets. The low height boot lets you load your luggage easily and the rear seats have a ratio of 60:40 to allow various seating arrangements. Just reach out and discover your own little nook.

Premium Beige Black interior to lend a luxurious feel inside on the Jazz and Jazz Select.

Only in Jazz Select & Jazz X
Premium Blue Black Interior in the Jazz X. The New Honda jazz comes with rear reclining seats*, which means that no matter where you sit, you can strech your legs out on those impromptu long drives.